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  • Supporting the community

    Tax Help program

    For 22 years the Tax Help program has helped low-income earners lodge their annual tax returns, demonstrating the strong partnership we have with the community.

    During 2010-11:

    • over 1,200 volunteers were trained by us
    • we operated out of around 830 community centres
    • we helped around 58,000 taxpayers.

    Tax help volunteer Pamela Boyle (right) helps Danielle Mackie complete her tax return at the Bayside Information Centre in Queensland.

    Tax help volunteer Pamela Boyle (right) helps Danielle Mackie complete her tax return at the Bayside Information Centre in Queensland.

    Schools education program

    This year we received around 133,000 applications for tax file numbers through our schools education program.

    With the Australian Securities and Investments Commission we are looking for opportunities to include financial literacy, tax and superannuation concepts in the secondary school curriculum.

    To support this we are developing a new interactive curriculum resource that will operate on a variety of computer platforms. It will be available for release in 2012.

    Supporting a diverse community

    In 2010-11 we continued to deliver a targeted communication and public education program to make our products and services accessible to diverse audiences. The audiences include people from a non-English speaking background, Indigenous Australians and people with disability.

    The products and services we delivered included:

    • expanding the network of migrant education service providers to include tax in the 'new migrants' English curriculum - service providers we deal with include Adult Migrant Education Service in Victoria, Australian College of Languages and TAFE in NSW
    • providing a dedicated telephony service operating through our national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resource Centre - receiving around 16,465 calls on registrations, lodgment and other tax and superannuation related matters
    • expanding the 'other languages' section of our website to include more information translated in 19 languages
    • partnering with government agencies, including
      • Centrelink to present joint seminars, forums and expos
      • Department of Immigration and Citizenship to provide tax information for new arrivals in newsletters and publications
      • providing tax information for newly arrived international students.

    Our work in the media continued to help people better understand their tax obligations. This included:

    • regular monthly tax segments on SBS and community radio in 22 languages, National Indigenous Radio Service (three times a week) and Radio for the Print Handicapped (twice a week)
    • 23 editorials distributed to over 66 ethnic media outlets resulting in over 348 published newspaper articles in various languages; we also published various articles with Centrelink and the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

    Our skilled migrants work experience program has also been successful, with almost 50 participants since it began in September 2009. The program provides unpaid work experience, giving migrants an opportunity to enhance their skills and improve their employment choices.

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