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  • Cross-agency support

    Memorandums of understanding and other arrangements

    We negotiate memorandums of understanding with other agencies to clarify roles and accountabilities and to agree on performance measures. At 30 June 2011, we had 347 memorandums of understanding in place with other federal, state, territory and local government agencies. Of these, 273 specifically concern providing other agencies with access to data from the Australian Business Register.

    See the Australian Business Register section for more information about our partnership agreements.In 2010-11 we entered into 21 new memorandums of understanding, not including new Australian Business Register partnership agreements.

    Memorandum of understanding helps build platform

    On 22 December 2010, we signed a memorandum of understanding with the Tax Practitioners Board, which is responsible for administering the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 and regulating tax agent services in Australia. This was a significant milestone in the new and developing relationship.

    Operating under the framework created by the Act, the inaugural memorandum of understanding sets out how we implement and manage specific business arrangements, including agreed processes and protocols for exchanging information and data, and recovering civil penalties. The agreement also articulates the administrative support we provide to the Board in the form of staffing, accommodation, finance and systems.

    The memorandum of understanding establishes a solid platform on which to build the effective administrative relationship needed to achieve mutual outcomes in regulating the tax profession, including:

    • supporting a professional and well regulated tax industry
    • improving consumer protection for taxation services
    • supporting the government's focus on improving confidence in Australia's tax system.

    Our work with other agencies spans a range of relationships and activities, including:

    • membership of whole-of-APS committees such as the secretaries ICT Governance Board, and the Service Delivery Interdepartmental Committee
    • joint administration of government programs and policies, for example the Farm Management Deposit Scheme we administer with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
    • partnering with AusAID to deliver the Australian Government's overseas aid programs in the Asia-Pacific region
    • participating in and contributing to the success of whole-of-government initiatives such as Standard Business Reporting and the Council of Australian Government's sponsored Business Name Project
    • managing data and information transfers under the law to support compliance activities, the assessment of entitlements and reconciliation of payments.

    We also work with other agencies through collaborative relationships and forums not formalised into memorandums of understanding - for example, the resourcing support we provided to Centrelink when responding to natural disasters.

    Key performance indicator

    Manage our commitments to governments and other agencies

    We delivered cross-agency support to other government agencies in Australia, as detailed through:




    199 memorandums of understanding

    262 memorandums of understanding

    347 memorandums of understanding

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