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  • Encouraging willing and proper participation

    We aim to foster an environment conducive to high levels of willing and proper participation. We do this by helping people understand their rights and responsibilities, and also by detering those not willing to comply.


    • We are on track to deliver the outcomes for specific commitments made to government and the states and territories in relation to our compliance program, for example coverage of individuals controlling more than $5 million in net wealth, and small-to-medium enterprises with annual turnover between $100 million and $250 million
    • Implementing a risk-differentiation framework for large businesses, providing taxpayers in this market with our view of their relative tax risk
    • Working with industry and other regulators to address the risk of schemes relating to illegal early release of superannuation money
    • Delivering strong results through Project Wickenby, with successful prosecutions and over $1 billion in liabilities raised to date. Project Wickenby also plays a significant role in reducing fund flows to secrecy jurisdictions where it has had a strong focus
    • Expanding our risk models across all current year income tax returns from individuals. This increased detection of potentially overstated or fraudulent claims for refunds
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