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  • Prosecutions

    In 2010-11 we successfully prosecuted 1,692 of the 1,941 cases taken to court, comprising:

    • 1,638 successful prosecutions from 1,890 cases related to non-lodgment and failure-to-comply tax offences
    • 54 successful prosecutions from 54 cases related to more serious offences. Of these
      • 45 resulted in custodial sentences, ranging from six months to over nine years
      • 7 resulted in penalties including fines and good behaviour bonds
      • 2 resulted in a guilty finding but convictions weren't recorded.

    In addition to the above, there were eight successful prosecutions under Project Wickenby, resulting in custodial sentences ranging from fully suspended to 8.5 years.

    Compliance effectiveness measures suggest that the indirect impacts of compliance activities were generally higher than the direct results.

    Key performance indicator

    Establish the nature and extent of non-compliant behaviour and, where appropriate, apply penalties and prosecute




    46,595 field visits

    377,917 phone calls

    2,264,184 letters

    3,603 in-house prosecutions

    90% successful cases prosecuted

    47,143 field visits

    375,182 phone calls

    2,731,339 letters

    2,861 in-house prosecutions

    90% successful cases prosecuted

    43,306 field visits

    493,565 phone calls

    7,435,633 letters

    1,890 in-house prosecutions

    87% successful cases prosecuted

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