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  • Provision of information to law enforcement agencies and prescribed taskforces

    In limited circumstances we can release information to certain law enforcement agencies and prescribed taskforces. Most often the information we release is relevant to serious tax evasion and fraud. Our continuing effort to make appropriate information disclosures is one way in which we contribute to the community by helping to fight serious and organised crime.

    In 2010-11 the number of requests we received increased. This was attributable to our closer working relationships with law enforcement agencies and Project Wickenby taskforce members, coupled with more efficient and secure methods of delivering information and some changes in the disclosure laws.

    By the end of 2010-11 we had:

    • processed 1,160 requests from law enforcement agencies relating to 1,813 actual or suspected serious offences involving 4,059 individual or corporate entities - compared to 1,013 requests processed in 2009-10 involving 3,941 individual or corporate entities
    • made 85 ATO-initiated disclosures of information where we suspected a serious offence had been or was being committed. Last year we made 52 such disclosures.

    Currently Project Wickenby is the only prescribed taskforce in place under our disclosure laws.

    Appendix 15 provides detailed information relating to requests from agencies, ATO-initiated disclosures, general categories of offences relevant to the request and Project Wickenby disclosures for 2010-11.

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