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  • Fringe benefits tax

    At 30 June 2011 we had collected fringe benefits tax amounts totalling $3.3 billion for 2010-11.

    Around 763,000 employees receive reportable fringe benefits with a total value in excess of $12.7 billion.

    To clarify matters for employers we answered more than 16,270 phone calls and provided 274 private binding rulings and eight class rulings. We also sent 7,800 letters reminding employers about the importance of assessing private use of motor vehicles, as well as returning employee contributions as income.

    This year we reviewed the fringe benefits tax obligations of around 4,400 employers, conducted 190 fringe benefits tax reviews and audits and phoned 1,600 taxpayers to verify their compliance.

    We also commenced closer scrutiny of living away from home allowances and will continue this in 2010-11.

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