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  • Australian Valuation Office

    The Australian Valuation Office (AVO) provides independent, impartial and fee-competitive valuation services and advice to Australian government organisations. The AVO aspires to be the preferred valuer for government agencies. This requires the AVO to focus on client needs and the skills of its people to collectively build a resilient, viable and sustainable business that adds value to government.


    • Achieving a net operating profit before tax of $4.7 million
    • Conducting 91,962 valuations and advising on valuation-related issues for many government organisations across Australia
    • Feedback from clients indicates high levels of satisfaction with AVO services

    Valuation services

    The AVO is our only commercial business line. Its net operating profit before tax for 2010-11 was $4.7 million. The AVO operates within competitive neutrality requirements.

    In 2010-11 the AVO conducted 91,962 valuations, a 2% increase on the previous year. AVO conducted 81,319 valuations for Centrelink, achieving 89.5% within agreed timeframes, down slightly from 93% last year.

    TABLE 4.39: Valuations conducted by the Australian Valuation Office, 2009-10 to 2010-11





    Valuations for Centrelink




    Other clients

    9,611 (a)

    10,643 (a)






    (a) This may include more than one valuation.

    A focus on partnering with AVO's key clients to improve service delivery is evident in projects undertaken during the year. These projects have improved data exchange and AVO online systems with the Department of Human Services and the Department of Veterans' Affairs. This increased integration has yielded efficiencies for the AVO and its key clients.

    During the year the AVO installed new information and communication hardware across its network, significantly improving this vital capability. The AVO also integrated within the ATO's governance framework.

    Key performance indicators

    Progress new services that support delivery of valuation services and policy advice

    Providing complementary financial reporting, plant and equipment and general valuation services and advice

    Maintain acceptable service standards

    The natural disasters impacted the AVO service delivery in some instances. However general client feedback indicates a high level of satisfaction with AVO services

    Strengthen relationships and satisfaction with key clients

    A client satisfaction survey with the Department of Human Services provided positive feedback to the AVO. Joint initiatives such as the improved data exchange and enhancements to AVO online contributed to the high levels of satisfaction

    Improve governance and reporting processes

    The AVO was integrated into the ATO governance framework, increasing its level of governance and assurance

    Improve quality of valuation services

    Client feedback indicates high levels of satisfaction with AVO services

    The AVO's quality management system was audited during the year. The audit concluded the system was sound and supported quality outcomes but a number of improvements could be made

    Responding to natural disasters

    'The Australian Valuation Office provides valuation services to Centrelink that are used in the assessment of income support entitlements.

    The AVO was responsive to Centrelink's commitment to the disaster relief effort during Centrelink's response to the disasters of the summer of 2010-11. The AVO worked collaboratively with Centrelink to develop strategies to ensure service delivery and response levels to customers were maintained. This was achieved by utilising their network of locally based staff to provide advice about affected areas.'

    Alice Jones, National Manager, Older Australians Branch,
    Department of Human Services, Centrelink.

    A touch of royalty

    In 2010-11 the AVO conducted thousands of valuations - the majority were of land and buildings.

    However, the AVO also valued something of truly historical significance - a replica collection of the crown jewels.

    It took three weeks to value the collection of nine crowns, three sceptres, two swords, one mace, three orders of chivalry and other regalia.

    The Museum of Australian Democracy acquired the collection in 2010. It asked the AVO to value the collection to assist with the museum's financial reporting requirements.

    AVO valuer Ty Noble and specialist consultant valuer Ian Armstrong completed the valuation. The process involved contacting a number of specialised auction houses in the United Kingdom.

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