• Recovery of existing e-Record data

    To recover e-Record data from a saved e-Record data set you may need to re-install the e-Record application.

    We will provide you with a copy of the installer if re-installing e-Record will allow you to access your saved data. Use the links below to download the installer.

    You should consider printing any e-Record information that you recover and wish to retain.


    e-Record for Windows

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    Download installer for Windows (EXE, 15.8MB)

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    e-Record for MAC

    Get it done

    Download installer for MAC (TAR.GZ, 12.8MB)

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    We do not recommend continued use of e-Record

    This application was withdrawn on 1 July 2010 and support for it ceased on 1 October 2010. It has not been updated with any legislative or system changes that may have been introduced after 30 June 2010.

    You should consider purchasing alternate record-keeping software.

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