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    Ellen held one parcel of 1,000 ABB Grain shares. The acquisition date and total cost base for this parcel of shares was:

    parcel 1, acquired 5 May 2006, 1,000 shares. Total cost base just before the acquisition was $6,000 (1,000 x $6 each).

    Ellen chose the maximum scrip option and elected to receive Viterra CDIs for her ABB Grain shares. The holding statement from Viterra showed that Ellen received 510 Viterra CDIs. Ellen decided to choose scrip-for-scrip rollover for her capital gain on these shares.

    Section 1: Details of your ABB Grain shares

    In columns 2, 3 and 4 Ellen enters the acquisition date, the number of shares and the total cost base for her parcel of ABB Grain Group shares.

    Section 2: Capital gain on the cash received

    Column 5: How much cash did you receive?

    Ellen received $8.70 cash for 43.67% of the number of shares in ABB Grain she owned.

    In column 5, Ellen enters $3,799.29 (1,000 x 43.67% x $8.70) for this parcel.

    Column 6: Cost base for the cash received

    Ellen works out the relevant proportion of the cost base as follows:

    $6,000 x 43.67% = $2,620.20

    Column 7: What is your capital gain?

    In column 7 Ellen enters the capital gain she makes:

    $3,799.29 - $2,620.20= $1,179.09

    Column 8: CGT discount

    Ellen is eligible for the CGT discount as she had owned her parcel of ABB Grain shares for at least 12 months and satisfied the other requirements for the gain to be a discounted capital gain. In column 8 Ellen enters 'Y'.

    Section 3: Cost base of your Viterra CDIs

    Column 12: Acquisition date

    Ellen's acquisition date for her Viterra CDIs (for CGT discount purposes) is taken to be the date on which she acquired the shares in ABB Grain. Ellen copies the date from column 2 into column 12.

    Column 13: Number of Viterra CDIs received

    As Ellen chose the maximum scrip consideration option, she received 0.9062 Viterra CDI for 56.33% of the ABB Grain shares she owned. Ellen therefore received 510.46 (1,000 x 56.33% x 0.9062) Viterra CDIs, rounded down to 510.

    Ellen enters 510 into column 13.

    Column 14: Cost base of your Viterra CDIs

    Ellen enters the cost base for her parcel of Viterra CDIs, as follows:

    Column 4 x 56.33%

    $6,000 x 56.33%

    = $3,379.80

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