• More information

    For more information about the topics we cover in the presentation, refer to:

    • Tax file number - information about tax file numbers for individuals including what they are used for and how to obtain one
    • How much tax should be taken from my pay? - work out how much tax you employer must withhold from your pay by using the tax withheld calculator or tax tables
    • Lodging your tax return - information for individuals, migrants and overseas visitors about lodging tax returns
    • Super in the workforce - super is money set aside over your lifetime to provide for your retirement. You need to consider super when you are in the workforce.

    To ask us about your personal tax, phone us on 13 28 61.

    If you do not speak English well and want to talk to a tax officer, phone the Translating and Interpreting Service on 13 14 50 for help with your call.

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