How income tax exempt entities claim the offset


Endorsed charitable institutions participating in the NRAS in their own right can receive their NRAS incentive as a payment from the Housing Secretary. Where an NRAS participant was an endorsed charitable institution for only part of an NRAS year, special apportionment rules apply.

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An income tax exempt entity that is entitled to the NRAS refundable tax offset can claim the NRAS refundable tax offset by completing the Application for refund of tax offset - National rental affordability scheme - Income tax exempt entities (NAT 72789).

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To work out if you are entitled to claim the NRAS refundable tax offset or a share of it, see Who is entitled to the NRAS tax offset in their annual tax return? 

For more information if you participated in NRAS in a non-entity joint venture prior to the 2010-11 income year, refer to National rental affordability scheme - information for non-entity joint venture participants.

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