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  • Tailored support for different needs

    We offer a range of support available for people with diverse and differing needs, including:

    People with disabilities and carers

    We can offer a range of support services, offsets and concessions to help you and your carers.

    If you're receiving a disability or carer's support payment, you may be eligible for tax and superannuation concessions and exemptions. We can provide information on:

    • pensions, allowance and other payments, like the disability support pension, the child disability allowance, the carer adjustment payment, Veterans’ Affairs disability pensions and more that are exempt from tax
    • tax-free NDIS payments
    • tax offsets, like the Dependent (invalid and carer) tax offset
    • tax concessions when you buy, lease or modify a car with medical aids and appliances
    • special disability trusts to provide for your future care and accommodation needs
    • in specific circumstances, early access to your super
    • support services including  
      • information and services in accessible formats, like publications and videos shopfronts and phone services
      • Tax Help volunteers to help you complete your tax return.

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    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

    We want to make tax and super as easy as possible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, businesses and not-for-profit organisations, by offering:

    For more information, phone the ATO Indigenous Helpline on 13 10 30.

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    Culturally and linguistically diverse

    If you are experiencing difficult circumstances that are causing you financial hardship or affecting your mental health and wellbeing, contact us to discuss support options.

    We have information in languages other than English to help people from non-English speaking backgrounds understand tax and superannuation (super) in Australia.

    To find out more about our support options in your language:

    • visit Other languages
    • phone the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) on 13 14 50.

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