• ATO executive takes her expertise to HMRC

    ATO Second Commissioner Jennie Granger, has been appointed Director - General Compliance and Enforcement at Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the United Kingdom's revenue agency.

    Ms Granger is one of the three new appointments to the HMRC executive team and the only international recruit.

    The appointment highlights the global recognition of the skills, judgment and expertise that is developed working for us. The appointment also reflects positively on our role in working collaboratively with other tax administrations to address compliance risks and build knowledge to improve tax administration internationally.

    HMRC has a much larger tax jurisdiction, and in her new position, Ms Granger will lead over 25,000 staff. The Enforcement and Compliance division includes local compliance, criminal investigation, specialist investigations, risk and intelligence, debt management and banking.

    In addition to enforcement and compliance activities, such as action to bring in late returns and payments and pursuit of those who evade tax and commit fraud, Ms Granger will be responsible for educating and supporting those who need help in meeting their tax obligations.

    Ms Granger has held the position of ATO Second Commissioner for almost 10 years, with many additional years of service in a variety of roles. In serving the wider Australian Public Service, she has been a member of many committees and was seconded in 2010 to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

    In 2009, Ms Granger was awarded a Public Service Medal for 'outstanding public service in administration of taxation in Australia and internationally' in part for bringing greater openness and transparency to ATO compliance activities.

    'Jennie takes with her a deep understanding of tax which we hope will bring a fresh, outside perspective to HMRC,' said Commissioner of Taxation Michael D'Ascenzo on Ms Granger's move.

    More information about Jennie's appointment to HMRC is available at the HMRC website .

      Last modified: 22 Nov 2012QC 28311