• Youth the future for positive compliance culture

    As part of our focus on youth, we released a new teaching resource for schools - Tax, Super + You this year. The online package is designed to educate young Australians on how participation in the tax and super systems benefits both themselves and their community.

    We believe that a culture of positive compliance is invaluable in preventing tax evasion into the future. Building that culture starts with Australia's future taxpayers.

    Supporting young Australians has been a key strategy for us for some time. The first school education program was introduced in 1994 with visits to schools to help them apply for tax file numbers. In 2004 we introduced a paper based curriculum resource called Your introduction to taxation.

    Tax, Super + You has replaced the paper curriculum resource and provides schools with engaging and interactive resources aligned with modern teaching methods. The resource is aimed at secondary school students aged 15-18 years of age (years 10-12). Developed in partnership with Education Services Australia, it also aims to empower young people to take control of their financial future.

    The resource website, Tax, Super + You includes:

    • teaching and learning activities that focus on the general context for personal and business tax and super
    • assessment activities that include quizzes, forums and tests
    • digital interactive activities that provide an engaging learning environment for students to increase their understanding of issues concerning tax, for example the link between the tax system and the enrichment of the community.

    'With Tax, Super + You we are engaging with young Australians and helping them to understand what in essence are the pillars of our democracy - the rights and responsibilities of citizenship,' said Commissioner of Taxation Michael D'Ascenzo.

    More information and resources are available for both schools and the general public at www.taxsuperandyou.gov.au

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