• Targeting tax crime over the years

    As we say goodbye to Targeting tax crime in its current form, we thought we’d share with you some of the more memorable stories from over the years.

    ATO clears the air (December 2012)

    Wickenby focused the spotlight on prosecutions of tax evaders and fraudulent tax scheme promoters. However, there are still some common misconceptions around key characteristics of the law. In this article, we attempt to clear the air.

    Italy condemns tax evaders as ‘parasites on society’ (September 2012)

    Here we looked at a bold advertising campaign in Italy that labels tax evaders as ‘parasites on society’.

    Crime and punishment: White collar crime vs True crime (March 2012)

    The Honourable Ray Finkelstein, QC, retired Federal Court judge, shares with us his perspective on the sentencing of white collar criminals versus 'true criminals'.

    The criminogenic effects of fraud prevention advice and how to avoid them (February 2011)

    How much information should government departments provide in order to help guard against fraud? When does information become 'criminogenic'? Guest commentator Dr Russell G Smith asks some important questions.

    How much information is too much? The ATO experience (February 2011)

    How much information about fraud prevention and tax crime should we disclose to the community? The ATO provides its perspective.

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