• Commissioner of Taxation becomes a member of the Australian Crime Commission Board

    On 4 February 2010 Parliament passed the legislative amendments appointing the Commissioner of Taxation as a member of the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) Board (the 'Board'). The recommendation to include the Commissioner on the Board was first made by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the ACC in 2005.

    Since December 2008 the Commissioner has been providing high level advice to the Board in a limited 'Board observer' role. However, as a full member of the Board the Commissioner will now have the opportunity to work more collaboratively with the partner agencies to provide a comprehensive whole-of-government approach to controlling organised crime in Australia. The Commissioner will bring detailed knowledge of financial aspects of organised criminal activity from an ATO perspective as well as gaining valuable insights into the operations of other member agencies.

    The Board consists of senior members from Australian Government Departments and Commonwealth, State and Territory Police Forces. The three hour meetings are held quarterly in Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne. The Commissioner's first meeting as a full member of the Board took place on 17 March 2010 in Canberra. The next meeting will take place on 9 June 2010 in Melbourne.

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