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Disputes policy

Our disputes policy aims to provide a coordinated and consistent approach to managing disputes.

Explains how our policies set out principles for managing complaints, disputes, some compensation and workplace issues.

What to do at times if you may disagree with us about how the law applies to your tax or superannuation affairs.

What to do if you disagree with us about a debt, and what we can and can't do to help.

The information you can access in a dispute, what to do if you are unsatisfied and what we can do.

Your options to enter dispute resolution or to make a complaint.

Your options if you are an employee and you have a concern or complaint.

How our strategies work towards resolving disputes early and in a fair and effective manner.

Describes the regulatory and policy framework that governs the way we deal with different types of disputes.

Gives an overview of options for dispute resolution and describes each process.

Outlines how you can contribute, what we will do and what happens if we cannot agree.

Explains how the ATO Executive sets the overall dispute resolution strategies for the ATO.