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ATO In-house facilitation video transcript

ATO In-house facilitation video transcript.

Last updated 29 March 2017

Individuals or small businesses with a tax dispute can now use the ATO’s free, low stress, in house facilitation service as a quicker and easier way to resolve disputes.

Here’s how it works: You can ask for facilitation or the ATO can offer it to you. From there, an independent and impartial ATO facilitator sits down with you, or your representative, and the ATO officer to identify issues, develop options, consider alternatives and attempt to reach a solution.

And don’t worry, there’s no bias in the process. Every facilitator is fully qualified and professionally trained and is a guide through the process who keeps communication open.

They don’t establish facts, take sides, give advice or decide who is right or wrong.

It’s simply a service to help both parties find some middle ground.

So, ask about our free in-house facilitation service. E-mail or visit to find out more.