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Other work-related expenses

How to claim other work-related expense deductions when you lodge your return using myTax.

Last updated 12 June 2014

Other work-related expenses are expenses you incurred as an employee and have not already claimed anywhere else on your tax return. These include:

  • union fees and subscriptions to trade, business or professional associations
  • certain overtime meal expenses
  • professional seminars, courses, conferences and workshops
  • reference books, technical journals and trade magazines
  • safety items such as hard hats, safety glasses and sunscreens
  • the work-related proportion of some computer, phone and home office expenses
  • tools and equipment and professional libraries. You can use the decline in value calculator to work out your deduction if the cost is not fully deductible.

You can claim overtime meal expenses only if they were paid under an industrial law, award or agreement and the overtime meals allowance is included in your income in 'Payment summaries and other employment-type income'. If your claim is more than $27.70 per meal, you must have written evidence, such as receipts or diary entries, which show the cost of the meals.

You cannot claim a deduction for the cost of certain items (tools, briefcases, laptops or portable electronic devices) if they were provided to you by your employer, or if your employer paid or reimbursed you for some or all of their cost.

For home office expenses you incur doing work, you can:

  • keep a diary of the details of your actual costs and your work-related use of the office and claim a deduction based on these, or
  • use a fixed rate of 34 cents per hour for heating, cooling, lighting and the decline in value of furniture in your home office.

For more information about what you can claim at this item, you can read question D5.

Evidence if you are making a claim

If your total claim for all work-related expenses exceeds $300, you must have written evidence. This can include receipts, invoices or other written evidence.

Completing your tax return

  1. Add up all the expenses that you can claim at this item.
  2. Click on 'add expense'.
  3. Enter your description and the total at 'Amount'.
  4. Click on 'Save'.