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Other income

How to report other types of income in your return using myTax.

Last updated 18 June 2015

You are not eligible to use myTax this year if, during 2014–15, you:

  • had business income or losses
  • had income or losses from rental properties
  • had a distribution from a partnership or trust, not including a managed fund distribution
  • made a capital gain or loss (with the exception of a capital gain included in a managed fund distribution)
  • had foreign income that is not from a foreign pension or annuity, or from a managed fund distribution
  • received a lump sum in arrears payment
  • received shares or interests in an employee share schemes
  • had payments, loans or forgiven debts from a private company that are treated as dividends
  • had an interest in a foreign company over which you have some control, or ever transferred property, money or services to a non-resident trust
  • received a bonus from a life insurance company or friendly society
  • had income from a forestry managed investment scheme
  • had a distribution from a partnership, trust or company on which family trust distribution tax has been paid
  • had any other taxable income not shown, including
    • an amount released by one or more of your superannuation funds greater than the liability stated on a release authority
    • jury attendance fees
    • foreign exchange gains
    • royalties
    • bonus amounts distributed from friendly society income bonds
    • taxable scholarships, bursaries, grants or other educational awards
    • benefits or prizes from investment-related lotteries and some game-show winnings
    • income from activities as a special professional (author of a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, inventor, performing artist, production associate or active sportsperson)
    • reimbursements of tax-related expenses (including amounts imposed by us as an interest charge) or election expenses which you have claimed as a deduction
    • any assessable balancing adjustment when you stop holding a depreciating asset (for example, because of its disposal, loss or destruction) for which you have claimed a deduction for depreciation or decline in value in previous years; your car is a depreciating asset
    • payments made to you under an income protection, sickness or accident insurance policy where the premiums were deductible and the payments replaced income
    • interest from infrastructure borrowings if you intend to claim a tax offset
    • gains derived on disposal or redemption of traditional securities that are assessable
    • allowances or payments you received as a member of a local government council
    • other taxable allowances or payments you received from the Department of Human Services that you have not included, such as the interim farm household allowance, or the activity supplement or farm financial assessment supplement paid under the farm household allowance program
    • work-in-progress amounts assessable that you received.

Use e-tax this year, but check again next year because we will continue to improve myTax.