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Other business income

Last updated 27 June 2018

Other business income includes:

  • gross sales of trading stock
  • gross sales from produce
  • goods taken from stock for your own use
  • value of livestock killed for rations
  • value of livestock exchanged for other goods or services
  • gross earnings from services
  • rent derived from carrying on a business of renting property
  • taxi driver earnings (income you earned as a non-employee taxi driver if it is not shown at Personal services income)
  • amounts received as recoupment of expenses
  • bad debts recovered
  • profit on sale of depreciating assets
  • royalties
  • insurance recoveries
  • subsidies
  • employee contributions for fringe benefits
  • assessable non-government assistance from all sources
  • foreign exchange (forex) gains.

Your other business income excludes amounts shown at the Business payment summaries section and at the Assessable government industry payments field.

If you are a primary producer, you must add the amounts shown at PP1, PP2, PP6, PP7 and PP10 on your primary production worksheet to any other income from a business of primary production referred to above.