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Simple self-assessment method

Last updated 31 May 2020

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Gross amount of foreign-sourced income for the income year

Provide the gross amount of non-resident foreign-sourced income you earned during the year.

Standard deduction

This field can't be adjusted; we automatically calculate and apply the standard deduction for your occupation before calculating any overseas levy due.

If you have selected ‘Occupation not listed’ in the foreign occupation field (for example, if you are an investor, retired or a pensioner), no standard deduction can be calculated. The standard deduction amount applied to your gross income will be zero.

Depending on your personal circumstances, for example, if you have deductions that would be allowable under Australian tax laws, you may wish to use a different assessment method to determine the non-resident foreign-sourced income component of your worldwide income. For example, the comprehensive tax-based assessment method allows you to claim specific deductions relating to your income or financial circumstances.