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  • Notifying us

    When someone has died, it is a good idea to let us know about their death if any of the following applied:

    • the deceased person had a tax file number (TFN)
    • the deceased person has ever lodged a tax return
    • the deceased person should have lodged a tax return.

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    How to notify us

    You can phone us on 13 28 61 to give unofficial notification of a death, which will stop mail being issued until the official notification of death is received.

    The following people are authorised to officially notify us of a death:

    • an authorised contact
    • the legal personal representative, for example executor or court-appointed administrator
    • next of kin.

    You can officially notify us online using the Australia Post process or by paper:

    • If you lodge online, you must    
      • provide a contact phone number
      • attend an interview at a participating Australia Post outlet
      • take the death certificate (or a certified copy) to the interview.
    • If you complete the paper form Notification of a deceased person (NAT 74279), you must include a certified copy of the death certificate. You can post the notification to the address on the form.

    Notifying us if you are the authorised person

    If you are the executor or administrator, you can also use the Notification of a deceased person (NAT 74279) form to advise us of your contact details. We will determine if you can be recorded as an authorised contact on the deceased person’s record. You must provide supporting evidence.

    If you are the executor and you don't have probate, we may not be able to disclose certain information or transfer assets to you (such as an income tax refund due the deceased person).

    Using a solicitor or tax agent

    If you have engaged a solicitor or tax agent to help you with the deceased estate affairs, they can't be added as an authorised contact on the deceased person's record. We will note that a representative has been appointed, and we may be able to lawfully disclose information to these representatives, however, this will need to be assessed on a case by case basis.

    Notifying the super fund

    If you are a potential beneficiary of a deceased person's superannuation or executor of their estate, contact the deceased person's super fund to let them know that the person has died, and ask them to release the super.

    Business partnership

    If the deceased person is a partner of a partnership (an association of people who carry on a business and distribute income or losses between themselves), on their death the partnership is dissolved.

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