Scheduled outages this weekend

js32507-21.jpg10 July 2015

Over the last 24 hours our systems seem to be a bit more stable, improving your experience in using our online services. To date, we’ve received more than 450,000 online lodgments and have issued over $456 million in refunds.

Some of you told us you were experiencing dropouts when completing the deductions section (eg uniforms, laundry expenses, etc) when using MyTax. We have implemented an update overnight which seems to have resolved the problem.

Again, we would like to thank you for your patience while we worked on our systems and also for providing us with valuable information which has assisted us to isolate issues. Please note that scheduled maintenance will occur over the weekend to further improve our systems so there will be temporary outages. 

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Our services are up and running

js32507-08.jpg9 July 2015

We would like to thank you for your patience as we worked to fix the system issues that affected some of you using our online services. The information you provided helped us to identify issues and fix them as quickly as we could.

Since yesterday, systems have significantly improved. We’ve already received over 350,000 returns, which is more than we’d received this time last year. We are already processing these returns to make sure you receive your refund within 12 working days .

We want you to have a good experience online, so if you are having any further issues we need you to keep letting us know on Facebook and Twitter . Because of the high volume of comments we’ve received, we can’t respond to every post, but we’re reading every single comment and passing your concerns and compliments onto our IT staff.

We will continue to use our website to keep you up-to-date and provide useful tips for tax time this year.

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Customer experience our priority

js 34946 tick8 July 2015

Our priority is to ensure the community has a positive experience using our online services this tax time. We’re sorry for any inconvenience that issues with our online systems have caused. I can assure you that we’re working around the clock to fix these. Our online experience for people is better today than yesterday. Further enhancements and improvements to our systems are continuing. As at midday today our data is showing us that 90% of taxpayers trying to lodge are successfully accessing online services and lodging their returns.

We're really disappointed that some people are still experiencing some slowness, because you’ve told us we have a great product in myTax. People that are successfully lodging are telling us how quick and easy it is.

Our lodgments to date are on par with last year. We’ve already received nearly 300,000 tax returns, including nearly 120,000 through myTax (71,000) and eTax (47,000) as at 7 July.

If it’s not urgent for you to lodge now, we suggest that you wait until August when there will be more pre-fill data available to enhance your experience, making it easier and quicker.

Processing times for electronic tax returns have not been impacted. So far we have issued over $289 million in refunds. People can expect their returns to be finalised within our standard of 12 business days after electronic lodgment.


Your feedback is helping to isolate the problems

js32507-21.jpg7 July 2015

While some people are successfully lodging online, we know some people continue to experience issues with our services, including navigation between pages, slow response times and other concerns. We are working 24 hours a day to fix this issue and have many staff dedicated to this project. This is our number one priority right now.

We’re monitoring your concerns and using your feedback to isolate and fix the problems.

Please be assured that we have enough staff on deck to ensure that once you do lodge there will be no delays with processing your return. People can expect their returns to be finalised within our standard of 12 business days after electronic lodgment. Returns that have been lodged already are being processed as expected.

We’re hoping to fix all the issues in the coming days. We apologise for this inconvenience and acknowledge this is frustrating for you. We would like to assure you we are doing everything we can to rectify the situation as soon as possible.


System issues still being experienced

  6 July 2015

Thanks for letting us know about the system issues you’re still experiencing. The information you’re providing is helping us to isolate continued issues with our online services. Some of you have been able to lodge and others are continuing to have difficulties. We are working hard to fix this and appreciate your continued patience. Please continue to let us know specific errors you’re still seeing as you try to access the system so we can investigate.

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Troubleshooting for individuals

6 July 2015

Here you'll find troubleshooting assistance for ATO services, MyTax and eTax

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Our systems are getting back on track

 3 July 2015

Our systems are getting back on track, but we know some of you are continuing to have problems. We acknowledge this is frustrating for you and we’re working around the clock to make it better. This will continue over the weekend where we’ll have some further system outages in an effort to fix things. For those of you who can delay your lodgment, you might have a better experience if you try again after the weekend. Please keep letting us know via social media if you’re still having problems – it’s this information from you that is helping us to fix any new problems that emerge.

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