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  • 2019 Pre-fill availability

    What is pre-fill information?

    To save you time and to help you get your tax return right, we partially complete your tax return with your financial information we receive from health funds, banks, employers, government agencies and more.

    You can check if we've received your information by starting your tax return with either myTax or a registered tax agent, or by following the links below.

    Pre-fill information is usually available by mid–August.

    See if we have received information from:

    These links don't include information from employers. Before you finalise your return, check that income from your employers and all other sources are included.

    How to use pre-fill information

    Pre-fill information is automatically loaded into your tax return and can be accessed via either myTax or your registered tax agent, and is usually available by early August. If you believe there is an error in your pre-fill information, contact the organisation who provided the information and ensure any corrections are sent through to us.

    All you have to do is review the pre-filled information and add any missing details.

    Don't rely solely on pre-filled information. The information that is pre-filled to your return may be incomplete if:

    • an organisation has not supplied data yet
    • we could not match the information to your record
    • the information did not pass all data quality checks.
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