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  • Deferring repayments

    You may apply to defer your compulsory repayment or overseas levy if:

    • making your repayment would cause you serious hardship
    • there are other special reasons – for example, natural disasters affecting you, death or serious illness in the family that requires you to travel.

    If you apply to defer your repayment under serious hardship, we will ask you for a detailed statement of your household income and expenditure to justify your claim. We may also ask you to provide further details of income and expenditure, and evidence, such as a copy of your most recent payslip.

    If you have special circumstances and need to apply to defer your repayment, complete a Deferring your compulsory repayment or overseas levy form (NAT 2471).

    How to apply for deferral

    For help completing the application, contact us.

    Next steps:

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