• Keeping track of your super

    Your super is your savings for retirement. It’s important to be aware how much is being contributed, what super accounts you have and what insurance they provide.

    If you've ever changed your name, address or job, you may have lost track of some of your super. Having several super accounts could mean that multiple fees and charges are reducing your overall super investment.

    Check your super

    You can check, consolidate, find lost super and keep track of your super online by creating or logging in to your myGovExternal Link account.

    If you need to know how much you have contributed into your super fund to ensure you do not exceed the superannuation contribution caps, please contact us on 13 10 20.

    Working overseas

    If you take up an Australian employer’s offer to temporarily work overseas, your employer must continue to pay super contributions for you in Australia.

    Neither you nor your employer will have to pay super (or a super equivalent) in the other country if:

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    Last modified: 14 Oct 2016QC 23228