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  • Pensions and other benefits

    If your super benefits won’t fully support you when you retire, you may also qualify for:

    • Australian Government support, such as age and service pensions or benefits
    • tax offsets.

    If you’re retired or have turned 60, you may be eligible for some tax offsets. This will depend on your income and assets, where your income comes from, and whether you’re fully or partly retired.

    You may be able to claim the:

    • seniors and pensioners tax offset (only available if you qualify for the age pension – from 1 July 2017 the age pension qualification age is 65 years and six months)
    • a tax offset for super contributions made on behalf of your spouse
    • low income tax offset.

    For more information about government age pensions, concessions and other benefits visit Services AustraliaExternal Link

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