Individual tax return

TaxPack 2007

Tax return for individuals (supplementary section) 2006-07

Tax return for retirees 2006-07

Short tax return for individuals eligibility criteria 2006-07
Answer these questions to check whether you can use the Short tax return for individuals.

Other forms and schedules

30% child care tax rebate transfer advice for individuals 2006-07
If you received child care benefit and you do not need to lodge a tax return use this advice form if you want to transfer your rebate to your spouse.

Business and professional items schedule for individuals 2006-07
If you need to complete item 13, 14 or 15 of your tax return (supplementary section), you must fill in this schedule.

Non-lodgment advice 2006-07
Complete this form if you consider that you do not need to lodge a tax return.

Refund of franking credits for individuals - application form 2006-07
Use this form to claim a refund of franking credits if you are an Australian resident individual and do not need to lodge an income tax return.

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