Individual tax return

Income tax return: Form S (Salary and wages) 1986

Other forms and schedules

Income tax return: Form A (Investment and property income etc) 1986
Use this form to declare your income.

Income tax return: Form B (Business and professional) 1986
Use this form to declare your income.

Schedule 60: Distribution of income to a person under the age of 18 years 1986
This schedule is to be furnished by a trustee completing form T regarding the distribution of income to a person under the age of 18 years.

Schedule B: Profession, trade or business income and deductions and Schedule C: Gross income from primary production 1986
If you receive income from a business or profession, you need to complete Schedule B; if you are a primary producer, you must also complete Schedule C.

Schedule H: Home loan interest rebate 1986
In the 1985-86 financial year, a rebate was available to certain Australian residents for interest paid on a mortgage on their first home. To claim this rebate, you need to complete Schedule H.

Schedule L: Eligible termination payments 1986
Complete this schedule if you received an eligible termination payment.

Schedule M: Medicare levy exemptions 1986
Complete this schedule if you were entitled to claim an exemption from the Medicare levy, or a reduction in the rate of the levy, for the year ended 30 June 1986.

Schedule N: Calculation of interest deduction 1986
Complete this schedule if you incurred interest on money borrowed and used to finance a rental property after 17 July 1985.

Schedule P: Credit for tax deducted from prescribed payments 1986
Complete this schedule if prescribed payments were withheld from payments made to you in the course of your business.

Schedule R: Dependants and other rebates 1986
Use this schedule to provide details of your claims for rebates in relation to dependants, home loan interest, sole parent, zone or overseas forces, or capital subscribed to petroleum exploration/mining companies.

Schedule U: Person under 18 years of age 1986
If you were under 18 on 30 June 1986, and you completed your income tax return using form A or form B, you should also complete this schedule.

Schedule Z: Zone or overseas forces rebate 1986
If you served overseas in the Australian armed forces, or if you lived in a remote area of Australia, you may be entitled to claim a zone or overseas forces rebate.

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