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  • The dividend or distribution statement



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    If an Australian company pays or credits you with a dividend or a non-share dividend, the company must also send you a dividend statement or distribution statement advising:

    • the name of the entity making the distribution
    • the date on which the distribution was made
    • the amount of the distribution
    • the amount of any franking credit allocated to the distribution
    • the franking percentage for the distribution
    • where the distribution is unfranked, a statement to that effect
    • where the distribution is franked, the franked part and the unfranked part
    • where any or all of the unfranked amount of the distribution has been declared to be conduit foreign income, the portion so declared
    • the amount of tax file number (TFN) withholding tax withheld if you have not quoted your TFN to the company.

    Example 1: Payment of dividends

    On 15 February 2018, an Australian resident company Coals Tyer Ltd paid John, a resident individual, a fully franked dividend of $700 and an unfranked dividend of $200. John received the dividend statement from Coals Tyer Ltd shown in Example 3.

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    We will follow the Coals Tyer Ltd example through the next few sections of this guide to see what John needs to do with the information.

    Example 2: Assessable divided income

    John's assessable income for 2017–18 in respect of the dividend is:


    Value ($)

    Unfranked dividend received


    Franked dividend received


    Franking credit


    Total assessable dividend income


    If these were the only dividends John was paid or credited with for the income year, he can transfer these amounts directly to item 11 Dividends on his 2018 tax return.

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    Example 3: Shareholder dividend statement

    Example shareholder dividend statement including the information and values provided in Example 2.

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