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  • Processing your application

    Important information:

    • We will process your application only if you        
      • have lodged all required tax returns and activity statements, or notified us in writing if you were not required to lodge tax returns in prior years
      • did not receive a debit assessment on your last tax assessment (if you also had an approved withholding variation for that year)
      • do not have any outstanding tax debt owning to the Australian Government
      • do not have any outstanding debts under any other Acts administered by us.
    • We may seek more information from you before or after your application is processed. If you fail to provide more information as requested, your application may not be approved.
    • If you are granted a variation, this does not mean we have accepted the tax treatment of the income and deductions on your application – your actual tax liability will be determined after you lodge your tax return. You must keep records of your income and expenses in accordance with the requirements of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 and the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.
    • We process your application based on the information you provide. It is your responsibility to make sure that this information is adequate to enable us to calculate a withholding rate to meet your end-of-year tax liability.
    • If your application is not approved, you can apply for a review of the decision. You must apply in writing, explain why the decision should be overturned, and include information to support your claims.

    If you need help to complete the application, phone us on 1300 360 221. If you are a tax agent, phone 13 72 86 Fast Key Code 1 2 3. Our phone services are available from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

    Time taken for your variation to be processed

    If you lodged an e-variation, you should anticipate a 28-day processing time.

    If you lodged a paper application, you should anticipate a 56-day processing time.

    Processing of your application will be delayed if we need additional information.

      Last modified: 29 Jun 2017QC 19428