Banking Act 1959

Part IIAA - The Banking Executive Accountability Regime  

Division 3 - Key personnel obligations  

SECTION 37DB   APRA may direct an ADI to reallocate responsibilities  

APRA may give an ADI a written direction to reallocate a responsibility to which paragraph 37D(1)(a) applies if APRA has reason to believe that the current allocation of the responsibility is likely to give rise to a prudential risk.

In deciding whether to issue a direction under subsection (1), APRA must have regard to the responsibilities of the accountable person set out in the accountability statement for the person under section 37F .

The direction may specify the period within which it is to be complied with.

APRA may, by written notice given to the ADI, vary the direction if, at the time of the variation, it considers that the variation is necessary and appropriate.

The direction has effect until APRA revokes it by written notice given to the ADI. APRA may revoke the direction if, at the time of revocation, it considers that the direction is no longer necessary or appropriate.

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