Banking Act 1959

Part IIAA - The Banking Executive Accountability Regime  

Division 6 - Enforcement and administration  

Subdivision B - Registration of accountable persons  

SECTION 37H   Register of accountable persons  

APRA must establish and keep a register of accountable persons.

The register may be kept by electronic means.

The register is not a legislative instrument.

The register must contain, for each accountable person:

(a) the person ' s name; and

(b) the date of the person ' s registration as an accountable person; and

(c) the date the person ceases to be an accountable person; and

(d) details of any disqualification of the person under section 21 or 37J ; and

(e) details of any variation or revocation of disqualification under section 22 or 37JA ; and

(f) details of any direction APRA has given in relation to the person that is:

(i) a direction under section 11CA of a kind mentioned in paragraph 11CA(2)(c) or (d); or

(ii) a direction under section 23 ; and

(g) such other information as APRA considers appropriate.


For disclosure of information on the register, see section 56 of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act 1998 .

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