Freedom of Information Act 1982


SECTION 3   Objects - general  


The objects of this Act are to give the Australian community access to information held by the Government of the Commonwealth, by:

(a) requiring agencies to publish the information; and

(b) providing for a right of access to documents.

The Parliament intends, by these objects, to promote Australia ' s representative democracy by contributing towards the following:

(a) increasing public participation in Government processes, with a view to promoting better-informed decision-making;

(b) increasing scrutiny, discussion, comment and review of the Government ' s activities.

The Parliament also intends, by these objects, to increase recognition that information held by the Government is to be managed for public purposes, and is a national resource.

The Parliament also intends that functions and powers given by this Act are to be performed and exercised, as far as possible, to facilitate and promote public access to information, promptly and at the lowest reasonable cost.

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