Energy Grants (Credits) Scheme Act 2003 (Repealed)

Part 2 - Interpretation  

Division 3 - Definitions used only in off-road credits Part  

Subdivision C - Primary production  

SECTION 34 (Repealed by 73 of 2006)   Fishing operations and related definitions  

(1)   Fishing operations  

The expression fishing operations means:

(a) the taking, catching or capturing of fish; or

(b) the farming of fish; or

(c) the construction of ponds, tanks or other structures to contain fish that are to be farmed, where the construction is carried out by:

(i) the person who will do the farming; or

(ii) a person contracted by that person to undertake the construction; or

(iii) a subcontractor of a person so contracted; or

(d) the processing of fish on board vessels; or

(e) pearling operations; or

(f) the operation of a dedicated mother vessel in connection with the activities referred to in paragraphs (a), (b), (d) or (e); or

(g) the undertaking:

(i) of voyages to or from a port by a vessel for the purposes of refitting or repairing the vessel, or its equipment, for purposes that are integral to the performance of an activity referred to in any of the preceding paragraphs; or

(ii) trials in connection with such a refit or repair of a vessel or of its equipment;

but does not include any activity referred to in any of the preceding paragraphs that is conducted, in whole or in part:

(h) otherwise than for the purposes of a business; or

(i) for business purposes connected with recreation, sport or tourism.

(2)   Fish  

The expression fish means freshwater or salt - water fish, and includes crustacea, molluscs or any other living resources, whether of the sea or sea-bed or of freshwater or the bed below freshwater.

(3)   Pearling operations  

The expression pearling operations means:

(a) the taking of pearl shell; or

(b) the culture of pearls or pearl shell;

and includes the taking or capturing of trochus, beche-de-mer or green snails.

(4)   Processing  

The expression processing , in relation to fish, includes:

(a) the cutting up, dismembering, cleaning, sorting or packing of fish; or

(b) the preserving or preparing of fish; or

(c) the producing of any substance or article from fish.

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