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House of Representatives

Sales Tax Assessment Bill 1992

Sales Tax (Exemptions and Classifications) Bill 1992

Sales Tax Amendment (Transitional) Bill 1992

Sales Tax Amendment (Transitional) Act 1992

Correction To Explanatory Memorandums

(Circulated by the authority of the Treasurer, the Hon. J.S. Dawkins, M.P.)
The following corrections are made to the Explanatory Memorandums

Sales Tax Assessment Bill 1992

Page 27. paragraph 3.3, line 2: insert 'of excise' after the second reference to 'duty'.

Page 166. paragraph 11.9, line 6: replace 'seven' with 'eight'.

Page 166. paragraph 11.9: insert '* return of faulty goods - CR9' at the end of paragraph.

Page 341. paragraph 23.21, line 4: replace 'exceeds' with 'does not exceed'.

Page 341. paragraph 23.21, Example, line 3: replace '$500' with '$5000'.

Page 349. paragraph 24.14, line 1: replace 'VII' with 'IIA'.

Sales Tax (Exemptions and Classifications) Bill 1992

Page 36, paragraph 3.22, subparagraph (c), Note line 1: replace "The lessee" with "If the lessee is not an exempt body, it'. Insert the following sentences at the end of line 4 - 'If the lessee is an exempt body, use which the lessee allows to another person will still be regarded as use by the exempt body. For example, a shire council leasing garbage bins will of course allow householders to use the bins. Provided the lease to the shire council is for the whole of the statutory period, the lease will be exempt as an eligible long-term lease even though both the council and the householders are, in effect, using the bins.'

Page 140, Item 53, line 12: replace '10%' with '20%' (second reference).

Page 143, Item 61, line 5: replace 'No change' with 'No change to the exemption for aircraft. With regard to the exemption for machinery, implements and apparatus for use in aircraft, the existing law states that these goods will be exempt if they are "for use" in aircraft. Since these goods could be used for many other purposes, exemption will only apply if they are "for use by a person mainly" in aircraft.'

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