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House of Representatives

Student Assistance Amendment Bill 2002

Explanatory Memorandum

(Circulated by authority of the Minister for Education, Science and Training the Hon Dr Brendan Nelson MP)

Outline and financial impact


The Bill will amend the Student Assistance Act 1973 (the Act) to:

Permit Social Security, Veterans and Family Assistance legislation overpayments to be offset against benefits payable under the Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) scheme and the ABSTUDY scheme;
Update the definitions of current special educational assistance scheme and former special educational assistance scheme to reflect that the Aboriginal Overseas Study Assistance Scheme no longer exists; and
Increase the 7 day notification period within which students are obliged to notify of certain prescribed events in section 48 of the Act and related sections to a 14 day period. This amendment will align the notification periods in these sections with section 344 of the Act and will also ensure consistency between the administration of the programs under the Act and other Commonwealth programmes administered by Centrelink.

Financial impact


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