Customs Act 1901


Division 1 - Powers of officers  

Subdivision F - Dealing with things seized as evidential material  


203R(1)   [Where things seized to be returned]  

Subject to any law of the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory permitting the retention, destruction or disposal of a thing seized as evidential material by an officer of Customs under a search warrant or by an authorised person under subsection 203B(3), 203C(3), 203CA(4) or 203CB(3), the officer or authorised person must return it if:

(a) the reason for its seizure no longer exists or it is decided that it is not to be used in evidence; or

(b) 120 days after its seizure:

(i) proceedings in respect of which the thing may afford evidence have not been started; and

(ii) an order permitting the thing to be retained has not been made under section 203S; and

(iii) an order of a court of the Commonwealth or of a State or Territory permitting the retention, destruction or disposal of the thing has not been made;

whichever first occurs.

203R(2)   [Condition of things to be returned]  

For the purposes of this section, the return of a thing requires its return to the person reasonably believed to be the owner of the thing in a condition as near as practicable to the condition in which it was seized.

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