Part IABA - Integrity testing  

Division 2 - Integrity testing operations: authority  

SECTION 15JF   Integrity testing authorities - application  

An application under section 15JE must:

(a) be in writing; and

(b) provide sufficient information to enable the authorising officer to decide whether or not to grant the application; and

(c) state whether or not the proposed integrity testing operation is related to any past, current or proposed:

(i) integrity testing operation; or

(ii) controlled operation under Part IAB ; and

(d) state the proposed period of effect of the authority, which must not exceed 12 months.

The appropriate authorising officer may require the applicant to provide such additional information concerning the proposed integrity testing operation as is necessary for the proper consideration of the application.


See the table in section 15JE for which staff members may apply to conduct an integrity testing operation, and to which authorising officers (called appropriate authorising officers ) such applications may be made.

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