Banking Act 1959

Part II - Provisions relating to the carrying on of banking business  

Division 2AA - Financial claims scheme for account-holders with insolvent ADIs  

Subdivision C - Payment of account-holders with declared ADI  

SECTION 16AF   Payment of account-holders with declared ADI  

An account-holder who has a protected account with a net credit balance with a declared ADI at the declaration time is entitled to be paid by APRA an amount equal to the sum of:

(a) that balance; and

(b) the interest (if any) accrued by, but not credited to, the account-holder in connection with the protected account before the declaration time;

increased or decreased in accordance with the regulations to take account of clearance, within the period prescribed by the regulations, of transactions connected with the protected account and entered into before the declaration time.


The interest is payable at:

(a) the rate of interest that is payable according to the terms and conditions of the protected account; or

(b) if APRA considers that that rate is not certain - the rate of interest that APRA declares, in writing, is payable.


A declaration under paragraph (1A)(b) is not a legislative instrument. Joint protected accounts

If the account mentioned in subsection (1) is held jointly by 2 or more account-holders with the declared ADI, that subsection entitles each of the account-holders to an equal share of the amount to which one of those account-holders would be entitled if it alone had the account with the declared ADI. Pooled accounts



(a) one person holds the protected account mentioned in subsection (1); and

(b) the person is the trustee of 2 or more trusts; and

(c) the net credit balance of the account consists of the trust funds of 2 or more of those trusts;

subsection (1) entitles the person to be paid, in connection with that account, the amount worked out under subsection (1).

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