Student Assistance Act 1973

Part 4A - Financial Supplement for Tertiary Students  

Division 3 - Payment of financial supplement  


If a person (the student) who is entitled to do so applies to a participating corporation in accordance with section 12G for the payment of financial supplement in respect of a year or a part of a year, the corporation must, as soon as practicable, accept the application by written notice to the student.

The acceptance of the application forms a binding contract in respect of that year or that part of that year between the corporation and the student for the making of a loan by the corporation to the student in accordance with this Division of such amount of financial supplement as the student from time to time requests but not exceeding the maximum amount of financial supplement that the student is from time to time eligible to obtain and for the making, if the student so wishes, of repayments during the contract period in accordance with Division 5 in respect of the amount outstanding from time to time under the contract.

Despite subsection (2), any amount paid to the student by the corporation in accordance with advice provided by the Commonwealth is taken to be financial supplement paid under the contract even though the student may not have been eligible to obtain that amount.

Subsection (3) does not affect the operation of Division 4 .

In determining the extent (if any) to which it is liable to make a payment in respect of financial supplement to a student under a financial supplement contract, a participating corporation is entitled to rely on advice provided by the Commonwealth.

Subject to this Part, the validity of a financial supplement contract is not affected merely because the student was not an eligible student when the application was accepted or ceases at a later time to be an eligible student.

A financial supplement contract is not invalid, and is not voidable, under any other law (whether written or unwritten) in force in a State or Territory.

Without limiting the generality of subsection (7), a financial supplement contract is not invalid merely because the student is an undischarged bankrupt when the contract is entered into, and any liability of the student to a participating corporation or the Commonwealth under or because of the contract is enforceable despite the bankruptcy.

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