Student Assistance Act 1973

Part 2 - ABSTUDY student start-up loans  

Division 2 - Qualification for and amount of ABSTUDY student start-up loan  


A person is qualified for an ABSTUDY student start-up loan for a qualification period if:

(a) on the person ' s qualification test day for the period:

(i) the person is qualified for a payment known as Living Allowance under the ABSTUDY Scheme and Living Allowance is payable to the person; and

(ii) the person is receiving Living Allowance and would be receiving Living Allowance if any amounts of pharmaceutical allowance and rent assistance payable to the person under the ABSTUDY Scheme were disregarded for the purposes of working out the person ' s rate of that allowance; and

(iii) the person is qualified for Living Allowance because the person is undertaking full-time study in a course of education that is an approved scholarship course; and

(b) the Secretary is satisfied that the person is not likely to receive the amount or value of a disqualifying education costs scholarship in the period of 6 months starting immediately after that qualification test day; and

(c) the person notifies the Secretary of the person ' s tax file number.


If the condition in subparagraph (a)(iii) is no longer met in a certain period starting on the qualification test day, the amount of the loan might become an immediately recoverable debt, rather than an income-contingent SSL debt: subsection 38A(1) and section 39 .

Qualification test day

A person ' s qualification test day for a qualification period is the earliest of the following:

(a) the day the Secretary determines the person ' s claim for an ABSTUDY student start-up loan for the qualification period;

(b) if the approved scholarship course ends in the qualification period - the last day of the approved scholarship course;

(c) the last day of the qualification period.

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