1   Reportable details  

The reportable details of a significant cash transaction that a solicitor, a solicitor corporation or a partnership must include in a report prepared under subsection 15A(1) are set out in the following table.

The reportable details required by items 3 and 4 of the table are those details as known to the person making the report.

Reportable details of significant cash transactions
Item Element of the transaction Reportable details
1 The significant cash transaction 1.1 The nature of the transaction.
1.2 The date of the transaction.
1.3 The total amount of currency involved in the transaction.
1.4 The total monetary amount of the transaction.
1.5 The foreign currency (if any) involved in the transaction.
2 The solicitor, corporation or partnership 2.1 The name of the solicitor, corporation or partnership.
2.2 The address of the office of the solicitor, corporation or partnership or, if there is more than one such office, the principal office.
2.3 The address of the place at which the transaction was conducted.
3 Each other person who is a party to the transaction 3.1 The name or names of the person.
3.2 The business or residential address of the person.
3.3 The occupation, business or principal activity of the person.
3.4 The date of birth of the person.
4 Any person (the principal ) on whose behalf another party to the transaction conducted the transaction 4.1 The principal's name.
4.2 An address for the principal.
4.3 The principal's occupation (or, if appropriate, the principal's business or principal activity).
5 Any cheque or banker's draft involved in the transaction 5.1 The name of the drawer of the cheque or banker's draft.
5.2 The name of the payee, the favouree or the beneficiary of the cheque or banker's draft (if any).
5.3 The name and branch of the financial institution or foreign financial institution on which the cheque or banker's draft was drawn, and the country in which the branch is located.

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