A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

Chapter 2 - The basic rules  

Part 2-6 - Tax periods  

Division 29 - What is attributable to tax periods  

Subdivision 29-C - Tax invoices and adjustment notes  

29-70   Tax invoices  


A tax invoice is a document that complies with the following requirements:

(a) it is issued by the supplier of the supply or supplies to which the document relates, unless it is a *recipient created tax invoice (in which case it is issued by the *recipient);

(b) it is in the *approved form;

(c) it contains enough information to enable the following to be clearly ascertained:

(i) the supplier ' s identity and the supplier ' s * ABN ;

(ii) if the total *price of the supply or supplies is at least $1,000 or such higher amount as the regulations specify, or if the document was issued by the recipient - the recipient ' s identity or the recipient ' s ABN;

(iii) what is supplied, including the quantity (if applicable) and the price of what is supplied;

(iv) the extent to which each supply to which the document relates is a *taxable supply;

(v) the date the document is issued;

(vi) the amount of GST (if any) payable in relation to each supply to which the document relates;

(vii) if the document was issued by the recipient and GST is payable in relation to any supply - that the GST is payable by the supplier;

(viii) such other matters as the regulations specify;

(d) it can be clearly ascertained from the document that the document was intended to be a tax invoice or, if it was issued by the recipient, a recipient created tax invoice.


If the recipient is a member of a GST group, section 48-57 may relax the requirements relating to the recipient ' s identity or the recipient ' s ABN.

A document issued by an entity to another entity may be treated by the other entity as a *tax invoice for the purposes of this Act if:

(a) it would comply with the requirements for a tax invoice but for the fact that it does not contain certain information; and

(b) all of that information can be clearly ascertained from other documents given by the entity to the other entity.


The requirements for a tax invoices are primarily contained in subsection (1), but can be affected by sections 48-57 and 54-50 .

However, the Commissioner may treat as a *tax invoice a particular document that would not, apart from this subsection, be a tax invoice.

The supplier of a * taxable supply must, within 28 days after the * recipient of the supply requests it, give to the recipient a * tax invoice for the supply, unless it is a * recipient created tax invoice .

A recipient created tax invoice is a * tax invoice belonging to a class of tax invoices that the Commissioner has determined in writing may be issued by the * recipient of a * taxable supply .

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