A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

Chapter 2 - The basic rules  

Part 2-2 - Supplies and acquisitions  

Division 9 - Taxable supplies  

Subdivision 9-A - What are taxable supplies?  

9-10   Meaning of supply  

A supply is any form of supply whatsoever.


Without limiting subsection (1), supply includes any of these:

(a) a supply of goods;

(b) a supply of services;

(c) a provision of advice or information;

(d) a grant, assignment or surrender of * real property ;

(e) a creation, grant, transfer, assignment or surrender of any right;

(f) a * financial supply ;

(g) an entry into, or release from, an obligation:

(i) to do anything; or

(ii) to refrain from an act; or

(iii) to tolerate an act or situation;

(h) any combination of any 2 or more of the matters referred to in paragraphs (a) to (g).

It does not matter whether it is lawful to do, to refrain from doing or to tolerate the act or situation constituting the supply.


For the avoidance of doubt, the delivery of:

(a) livestock for slaughtering or processing into * food ; or

(b) game for processing into * food ;

under an arrangement under which the entity making the delivery only relinquishes title after food has been produced, is the supply of the livestock or game (regardless of when the entity relinquishes title). The supply does not take place on or after the subsequent relinquishment of title.


However, supply does not include:

(a) a supply of *money unless the money is provided as *consideration for a supply that is a supply of money or *digital currency; or

(b) a supply of digital currency unless the digital currency is provided as consideration for a supply that is a supply of digital currency or money.

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