A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999


Division 5 - Limitations on eligibility for child care subsidy and additional child care subsidy  

SECTION 85ED   No eligibility for child who is in care of State or Territory or member of prescribed class  

An individual is not eligible for CCS or ACCS, and an approved provider is not eligible for ACCS (child wellbeing), for a session of care provided to a child if the child is:

(a) under the care (however described) of a person (other than a foster parent) under a State/Territory child welfare law; or

(b) a member of a class prescribed by the Minister ' s rules.

A State/Territory child welfare law is:

(a) a law of a State or Territory which is prescribed by the Minister ' s rules; or

(b) if the Minister ' s rules do not prescribe a law for a State or Territory - a law of the State or Territory that relates to the welfare of children.

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