A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999


Schedule 2 - Amounts of child care subsidy and additional child care subsidy  

Part 4 - Amount of ACCS (child wellbeing) for an approved provider  

9   Hourly rate of ACCS for a provider  

For the purposes of step 3 of the method statement in clause 8 , the hourly rate of ACCS for the provider, for a session of care provided to a child in a week, is 100% of the lower of:

(a)  the hourly session fee for the provider; and

(b)  the ACCS hourly rate cap for the session (see subclause 6(2) ).


The hourly session fee for a provider, for a session of care provided to a child, is the amount the provider would ordinarily charge an individual who is eligible for CCS for the session of care:

(a)  divided by the number of hours in the session of care; and

(b)  reduced by the hourly rate of any payment (other than CCS or ACCS) which the provider benefits or would have benefitted from in respect of that session.

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