Corporations Act 2001


Note: This Chapter applies to a CCIV in a modified form: see Division 4 of Part 8B.7 .


Division 5 - Exemptions and modifications  


1075A(1)   [ Power]  

ASIC may:

(a) exempt specified financial products, or a specified class of financial products, from a provision of this Part; or

(b) declare that this Part applies to specified financial products, or a specified class of financial products, as if specified provisions were omitted, modified or varied as specified in the declaration.

1075A(2)   [ When power exercisable]  

ASIC's power to grant an exemption or make a declaration under this section may be exercised in relation to financial products, or a class of financial products, only if ASIC is satisfied that:

(a) if the exemption were granted or the declaration were made, the interests of the holders of those financial products, or of financial products in that class, would continue to have adequate protection; and

(b) the granting of the exemption or the making of the declaration would make the transfer of those financial products, or of financial products in that class, more efficient.

1075A(3)   [ Application of exemption or declaration]  

The exemption or declaration may:

(a) apply to all or specified provisions of this Part; and

(b) apply to all persons, specified persons, or a specified class of persons; and

(c) relate to all financial products, specified financial products or a specified class of financial products; and

(d) relate to any other matter generally or as specified.

1075A(4)   [ Conditional or unconditional exemption]  

An exemption may apply unconditionally or subject to specified conditions. A person to whom a condition specified in an exemption applies must comply with the condition. The Court may order the person to comply with the condition in a specified way. Only ASIC may apply to the Court for the order.

1075A(5)   [ Public notification]  

The exemption or declaration must be in writing and ASIC must publish notice of it in the Gazette .

1075A(6)   [ Offences]  

If conduct (including an omission) of a person would not have constituted an offence if a particular declaration under paragraph (1)(b) had not been made, that conduct does not constitute an offence unless, before the conduct occurred (in addition to complying with the gazettal requirement of subsection (5)):

(a) the text of the declaration was made available by ASIC on the internet; or

(b) ASIC gave written notice setting out the text of the declaration to the person.

In a prosecution for an offence to which this subsection applies, the prosecution must prove that paragraph (a) or (b) was complied with before the conduct occurred.

1075A(7)   [ ``provisions of this Part'']  

For the purposes of this section, the provisions of this Part include:

(a) definitions in this Act, or in the regulations, as they apply to references in this Part; and

(b) any provisions of Part 10.2 (transitional provisions) that relate to provisions of this Part.

Note: Because of section 761H , a reference to this Part or Part 10.2 also includes a reference to regulations or other instruments made for the purposes of this Part or Part 10.2 (as the case requires).

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