Corporations Act 2001


Note: This Chapter only applies to acquisitions of interests in a CCIV if the CCIV is a listed company: see Division 1 of Part 8B.7 .


Division 5 - General rules on takeover procedure  

Subdivision A - Experts' reports  


648A(1)   [ Two or more reports]  

If the bidder or target obtains 2 or more reports each of which could be used for the purposes of subparagraph 636(1)(h)(iii) or subsection 640(1), the bidder's or target's statement must be accompanied by a copy of each report.

648A(1A)   [ Strict liability offence]  

An offence based on subsection (1) is an offence of strict liability.

Note: For strict liability , see section 6.1 of the Criminal Code .

648A(2)   [ Independence of expert]  

The expert must be someone other than an associate of the bidder or target.

648A(3)   [ Content of report]  

The report must set out details of:

(a) any relationship between the expert and:

(i) the bidder or an associate of the bidder; or

(ii) the target or an associate of the target;
including any circumstances in which the expert gives them advice, or acts on their behalf, in the proper performance of the functions attaching to the expert's professional capacity or business relationship with them; and

(b) any financial or other interest of the expert that could reasonably be regarded as being capable of affecting the expert's ability to give an unbiased opinion in relation to the matter being reported on; and

(c) any fee, payment or other benefit (whether direct or indirect) that the expert has received or will or may receive in connection with making the report.

Note: If the statement includes, or is accompanied by, the report, it must state that the expert has consented to this being done (see subsections 636(3) and 638(5)).

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